Alpha Male

Man likes dog.
Man walks dog.
Man walks dog on beach.
Dog fetches fish.
Dog likes fish.
Dog brings fish to man.
Man hates fish.
Smelly fish.
Man hates smell.
Dead smell.
Bad smell of dead fish.
Dog chews fish.
Dogbreath is bad.
Dogbreath of dogfish.

Man and dog walk home.
Man calls dog.
Dog ignores man.
Man opens door.
Dog walks away.
Man calls dog by his name.
Dog ignores man.
Man calls dog.
Dog won’t come.
Man calls dog a name.
Dog barks.
Dog yawns.
Man swears.
Man enters house.

Man calls daughter.
Daughter is five.
Daughter ignores man.
Man calls daughter again.
Daughter shrugs.
Man smiles.
Daughter looks away.
Man asks daughter to get dog.
Daughter goes out.
Dog comes in.
Daughter comes in.

Man closes door.
Man smiles.
Man is proud.
Man is satisfied.
Man is the alpha male.


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