Bully for Brontosauras by Stephen Jay Gould

Thirty five articles from the famous late Professor Gould.

Apart from the obvious and irritating baseball allusions, this is a classic and it poses questions as well as provides answers to Darwin’s genius theory of evolutions.

There is some clarification of the historical mistakes and ruminations on great mysteries.

No doubt the reader is left wondering why they just didn’t stick with the popular and catchy name brontosauras instead of returning to the klunky apatosaurus. And again we are reminded of the functionality of the male breast in one of the finest chapter titles I have come across to date, aka Male nipples and clitoris ripples.

Some of nature’s quirky anomalies are exposed such as of course the duck billed platypus and one of my favourites the Batesian mimicry of the Viceroy butterfly.

This book is a must for budding biologists and if you are already a scientist it is requisite reading at some stage. There are good reports on the great evolutionary debates of the eras including some historical corrections of the reports of those between Wilberforce and Huxley/Hooker and between Wilberforce and Gladstone.

The reports of the Scopes Trial and the ‘American Anthropomoid Primate’ tooth that was later confirmed to be that of a pig are equally fascinating.

This is a great book.


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